Rev. Alan R. Crippen II

Rector | Holy Trinity Parish

  • Alan Crippen is a clergyman in the Anglican Church in North America and the rector of Holy Trinity Parish in Hillsdale, Michigan.
  • Formerly he was executive director of American Bible Society’s Faith and Liberty Initiative and chief of exhibits, programs and public engagement for the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center. In this capacity he directed exhibit design and content development for the Center, curated the Faith and Liberty Trail, and is general editor of the Faith and Liberty Bible (2021).
  • Reverend Crippen has an extensive background in parish ministry, non-profit organization work, and military service. A U.S. Army veteran, his leadership includes artillery platoon and battery command. Additionally his experience as a non-profit executive includes work with International Students, Inc., Focus on the Family in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Family Research Council in Washington D.C., and the John Jay Institute (of which he is the founder) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Reverend Crippen was graduated from Cairn University with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and Westminster Theological Seminary with his master’s degree in theological studies. He has specialized expertise in the relationship of faith to American ideals and institutions.