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Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm
Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve 10am-3pm

Join us all this month as we celebrate Christmas with live singers on Saturdays, 30% off admission with a donation to Shriner's Children Philadelphia at our Giving Tree, and shopping in our gift store filled with collectibles and stocking stuffers.

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Visit Philadelphia's Independence Mall

See History Where History was Made

Discover the Bible’s influence on America’s founders, leaders, reformers, and historical milestones—right on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall. Journey through time from America's founding to the present, revisiting key moments where faith inspired the American pursuit of liberty towards justice and hope.

Step boldly into America's history of liberty

Philadelphia’s Most Immersive Museum

Discover your own values around faith and liberty as you journey through the interactive exhibits. Use your FLDC Lamp to collect checkpoints of memories and discoveries along the way, and take your unique experience home with MY FLDC.

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See American history in a whole new light

Visit Philadelphia

I learned many things I did not know and I felt the museum was very thought provoking.

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A great reason to have Philadelphia on your radar this year

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Partnering SCHOLARS

Designed in Partnership with a Trusted Team of Experts

We invite visitors of all backgrounds to discover the ways faith has influenced people’s values and actions across the history of American liberty. We’ve partnered with a diverse team of historians, religious experts, and legal scholars to ensure that stories are told thoughtfully and accurately.

Dr. Chris Beneke

Dr. Steele Brand

Dr. Allan C. Carlson

Joshua Charles, Esq.

Dr. Carli N. Conklin

Dr. Jesse Covington

Dr. Daniel Dreisbach

Dr. Mark David Hall

Dr. Jonathan Den Hartog

Dr. David Hein

Rev. Dr. Charles L. Howard

Dr. Daniel Walker Howe

Dr. Thomas Kidd

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Koester

Dr. Elise Leal

Dr. Abraham Lee

Dr. Michael Lee

Dr. Joseph Loconte

Dr. Daniel Mark

Dr. Wilfred McClay

Dr. Nicholas Miller

Dr. Glenn A. Moots

Dr. Jeffry A. Morrison

Dr. Andrew Murphy

The Rev. Dr. John R. Norwood

Dr. Carl J. Richard

Dr. Eran Shalev

Dr. Sarah Morgan Smith

Walter Stahr, Esq.

Dr. Karen Taliaferro

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Discover Philadelphia’s hidden history with the Faith and Liberty Trail app. You’ll venture through Philadelphia’s Old City, rich with historic sites and opportunities to revisit moments like Benjamin Franklin’s fugitive days, the city’s handling of the Yellow Fever epidemic, and more. Look for the notable family-friendly sites along the way (some which may ring a bell)! Download for free on iOS and Android.

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Experience the History

Visit Philadelphia’s Most Immersive Museum


Monday–Saturday 10am–5pm