Ticket sales launch for Philadelphia’s $60-million Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, opening May 1

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Ticket sales launch for Philadelphia’s $60-million Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, opening May 1

February 8, 2021

Ticket sales are now live for the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, a $60-million attraction opening May 1 on Philadelphia’s Independence Mall. Designed to highlight the relationship between faith and freedom in America from the country’s founding through today, the Center will deliver an immersive, personal, and highly interactive experience facilitated by technology never before used in the museum environment.


Geared to people of all faiths and no faith, the Center will feature six distinct galleries that explore the common values among three historic documents: The Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bible. Each gallery—based individually on faith, liberty, justice, hope, unity, and love—will offer outsized media experiences, guiding the visitor to explore using an interactive lamp with which they can collect and save information, downloading it to personal devices. A virtual museum shop will allow visitors to design their own souvenirs to be delivered to their homes afterwards.


“Events over the past year have led to a great deal of individual and collective soul searching, making the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center’s subject matter especially relevant and significant today,” says Patrick Murdock, executive director. “Philadelphia visitors see quotes from Scripture on everything from the Liberty Bell to the city’s historic buildings. At the Center, they’ll find the missing piece to the story of America’s founding delivered in a creative, engaging, and entertaining way.”


Advance tickets are available now at tickets.faithandliberty.org. Ticket prices are $10 for adults 21-64; $9 for those 65+ as well as college students, military, police, and fire department members (with ID); and $8 for youth ages 7-17. Admission is free for children ages 6 and under and for active-duty military members. Active military tickets must be obtained in person (no online option).


The Center’s immersive experience is being designed by the award-winning design studio Local Projects, which spearheaded the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and ranks among the nation’s most innovative experience studios that bring history to life. Zenith Systems is articulating the design through cutting-edge technology that will bring to life the interactive galleries, a 3D theater, and an education center.


Guests will be able to continue their experience even after they leave the Center using the Faith and Liberty Trail app, which will connect several historic, civic, and religious sites in Old City Philadelphia. It will guide people down cobblestone streets and alleys allowing them to experience landmarks of faith and liberty for themselves.


About the Faith & Liberty Discovery Center 


The Faith & Liberty Discovery Center explores the relationship between faith and freedom in America from its founding through today, illuminating the influence of the Bible on individuals in key historical and personal moments. Among America’s essential founding documents, the Bible is a significant cultural force that has inspired, influenced, and informed American ideals of liberty that continue to shape our national identity as a free people. The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center is a member of a Global Philadelphia Association, a non-profit group that assists and encourages greater interaction among the many international organizations that are based in Philadelphia. It has been featured in Philadelphia’s groundbreaking citywide innovation festival, B PHL. Learn more at www.faithandliberty.org.