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About our Scholars

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center has assembled a distinguished scholarly team – top historians, religious experts and legal scholars from across the nation and around the world – who are helping shape and review the narrative experience of the Discovery Center’s exhibit galleries while ensuring full historical accuracy. These scholars also help plan ongoing development as well as participate in educational programs.

The scholars include a Pulitzer-prize winning author, an Ivy League university chaplain, a legal historian whose scholarship has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court, a member of the federal commission that is planning the 2026 celebration that will mark the nation’s 250th birthday, the former chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and many others whose commentary has appeared in the nation’s top media outlets.

Dr. Chris Beneke

Professor of History and Director of Academic Integrity

Bentley University

Dr. Allan C. Carlson

President Emeritus

Howard Center for Family

Joshua Charles, Esq.


Independent Researcher

Dr. Carli N. Conklin

Associate Professor

University of Missouri’s School of Law and Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy

Dr. Jesse Covington

Associate Professor of Political Science

Westmont College

Dr. Daniel Dreisbach


American University

Dr. Mark David Hall

Professor of Politics and William Penn Honors Program Faculty Fellow

George Fox University

Dr. Jonathan Den Hartog

Department Chair and Professor of History

Samford University

Dr. David Hein

Senior Fellow

George Marshall Foundation

Rev. Dr. Charles L. Howard

University Chaplain

University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Daniel Walker Howe

Rhodes Professor of American History Emeritus, Professor of History Emeritus

Oxford University, University of California at Los Angeles

Dr. Thomas Kidd

Inaugural holder of The James Vardaman Endowed Professorship of History and Associate Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor University

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Koester

Researcher and Writer


Dr. Elise Leal

Assistant Professor of Early American History

Whitworth University

Dr. Michael Lee

Grace F. Kea Associate Professor of American History and Chair of the History Department

Eastern University

Dr. Joseph Loconte

Associate Professor of History

The King’s College

Dr. Wilfred McClay

G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty

University of Oklahoma

Dr. Nicholas Miller

Professor of Church History and Director

International Religious Liberty Institute, Andrews University

Dr. Glenn A. Moots

Professor and Chairman, Philosophy and Political Science Director

Northwood University, Forum for Citizenship and Enterprise

Dr. Jeffry A. Morrison

Professor of American Studies, Director of Academics

Christopher Newport University, James Madison Foundation

Dr. Andrew Murphy

Professor of Political Science

Virginia Commonwealth University

The Rev. Dr. John R. Norwood

Pastor, Missiologist, Tribal Leader

Ujima Village Christian Church of Ewing

Dr. Carl J. Richard

Professor of History

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Dr. Eran Shalev

Professor and Chair of the Department of General History

University of Haifa, Israel

Dr. Sarah Morgan Smith

Fellow and Co-Director of the center's Religion in American History and Politics project

Ashbrook Center

Walter Stahr, Esq.

Author, Attorney

Dr. Karen Taliaferro

Assistant Professor of Political Theory, School of Civic and Economic Thought

Arizona State University

Dr. Abraham Lee

Assistant Professor of Global Entrepreneurship and Information Communications Technology

Handong Global University

Dr. Steele Brand

Assistant Professor of History

The King’s College

Dr. Daniel Mark

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Villanova University






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