About the Faith & Liberty Talk Show®

The weekly Faith & Liberty Talk Show® (broadcast) is a joint production of Ohio Christian University’s School Business & Government® and Dave Garrison. The talk show is hosted by Dave Garrison, a former Congressional Candidate from Texas, a senior executive for various Fortune 100 companies, and the current Dean of the OCU School of Business and Government®.

The purpose of The Faith & Liberty Talk Show® is to highlight, educate, discuss, and debate issues related to Christians engaging in the civil and public arena. Many listeners have said, "The Faith & Liberty Talk Show picks up where News Shows leave off!"

The weekly format is Dave Garrison interviewing national authorities in the areas of faith and politics, the economy, business, apologetics, education, and any other areas of interest to Christians.

Every Friday, a new Faith & Liberty Talk Show® is published and may be subscribed to through iTunes or accessed directly at www.faithandliberty.org.

Each of the weekly talk shows has links to articles, websites, books, and other areas brought up during Dave Garrison’s interview. All of the podcasts are archived and available to listeners free of charge.